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Deciding to buy and operate a semi-truck is a big decision, especially if you are a first time operator. There are several primary considerations a buyer may have about which truck to buy, what features the truck will include, how to pay for its upkeep, and more. This post will assess five of these preliminary concerns about purchasing a semi-truck and should serve as an introductory guide to anyone in the market uncertain about where to turn next.

What are Your Needs?

The first thing a buyer will want to consider is what the needs of their business operations require for this particular truck. This will help determine what kind of truck to buy. Some considerations to ponder include what sort of freight the truck will be carrying, what terrain and climate it will generally be driving in, and the length of its route. Answering these questions allows a buyer to take into account what horsepower, transmission, tires, and other advanced features the truck will need.

What Features Do You Want?

Part and parcel with deciding what kind of truck to buy is coming to understand what features may benefit your operations. These may include parts to lessen wind resistance, including mud flaps and side skirts, computer-controlled transmissions (common in many newer trucks), and different types of tires and wheels based on the terrain and route length the truck will need to be prepared for. For a more comprehensive list of features, see here.

Choosing the Best Make

Once you are sure of what your needs are, you can move on to deciding on a specific make and model to purchase. Some drivers may insist they have a preferred maker, but in considering for yourself you may want to ask the following: what kind of cab do you want? Will you be doing short- or long-haul trucking? What emissions qualifications does the truck need to meet? How heavy are the loads it will be hauling? When you know the answer to some of these questions, the process will become much clearer.

How Much Does a Semi Truck Cost?

Of course, cost will also be a major factor for most buyers. The price of semi trucks may vary depending on their size and capability. A price for a new truck generally starts around $80,000 and may run up to $150,000 for a deluxe vehicle, which may include a sleeper cab. When buying a used truck, the price will vary based on the age and wear on the semi. A recently purchased truck may cost almost as much as a new one, whereas one with a few years of service and relatively low mileage could go for $30,000, and an older truck with high mileage may be sold for as low as $10,000.

Used or New?

One of the first things a buyer will want to consider is whether they want a used or new truck. It is important to remember that a used vehicle is always something of a gamble. Having said that, there are several things to keep in mind when examining a used vehicle. First, you will want to be sure you are connecting with a reputable dealer. Then consider the vehicle’s history. How many miles does it have, and what is its engine history? Other important technical information about the used vehicle might relate to its oil changes, the depth of the tire tread, suspension and transmission. It’s important to remember a used truck is more likely to require maintenance work sooner, so take this into account when deciding to buy. For more information on purchasing a used truck, see here.

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