Bypass weigh stations with KeepTruckin and Drivewyze PreClear

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We know that nobody likes to wait in lines. For truck drivers, the cost of waiting at weigh stations and inspection sites is especially painful. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates it costs a carrier, on average, $8.68 every time a truck gets pulled into a weigh station. This is based on industry average hourly operating costs but does not include the additional personal cost to drivers. Many drivers get paid by the mile and do not make any money when the wheels aren’t turning. From a quality of life perspective, long haul drivers can use every saved minute to beat the overnight parking rush while day drivers want to complete their routes and still make it home in time for dinner.   

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Drivewyze that will help our customers bypass inspection sites across the nation using the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway (ELD) already installed in their vehicle. With Drivewyze PreClear, drivers using KeepTruckin can access the same bypass privileges enjoyed by carriers across the nation—without the cost and hassle of installing transponders into your vehicle. Best of all, Drivewyze’s integration with KeepTruckin streamlines the onboarding and activation process while improving the overall driver experience—to help customers and their drivers stay on the road longer, generate more income, and ultimately grow their businesses. No more waiting in lineups while the competition passes you by. 

How can weigh station bypass services help my business?  

Weigh station bypass services offer one of the best ROIs in our industry. A traffic manager from a Maine-based distillery shared, “We know that our operating costs are about $80 per hour. Each month, Drivewyze saves our operations about 15 hours per month in avoided delays at weigh stations or about $170 per truck.” The ROI is clear—using PreClear to bypass just two weigh stations a month pays for the monthly subscription cost. 

Plus, the Drivewyze network is the industry’s largest for bypass opportunities, with more than 800 locations across 47 states and provinces. 

Who can use weigh station bypass services? 

All KeepTruckin customers using a Vehicle Gateway (ELD) are eligible to subscribe to Drivewyze PreClear. There’s a common misconception that only the safest fleets can use a weigh station bypass service. Your bypass eligibility fluctuates depending on your current CSA score. Although fleets with higher CSA scores get higher bypass rates, there are bypass opportunities for most fleets.

What makes Drivewyze PreClear different from other bypass services? 

Drivewyze is a GPS-based software service that does not require a transponder. Transponders are a pain to manage, expensive to fix or replace, and always seem to need new batteries. With customer consent, Drivewyze can integrate with KeepTruckin’s Vehicle Gateway (ELD) to access vehicle and carrier information that is utilized for bypass requests in place of transponders. Because it’s just software, it’s easy to enable one driver or multiple drivers through the KeepTruckin App Marketplace whenever you want and start bypassing weigh stations with no additional hardware required.    

How does it work? 

Drivewyze PreClear detects when your truck is approaching a fixed weigh station or temporary inspection site that is Drivewyze enabled. At two miles out, the service alerts the driver to an upcoming site. At one mile out, the service securely transmits the carrier and vehicle identification to the weigh station bypass systems at the inspection sites. The station system checks for compliance information including registration status & safety scores along with a random pull-in factor, to determine if a truck gets to bypass. If successful, the driver receives a visual and audible in-app notification to bypass the site. This means the driver does not have to exit the highway and enter the inspection site but is legally allowed to continue driving on the mainline and ‘bypass’ the site. All other vehicles, including those that receive a ‘pull-in’ message, must exit the highway and report to the inspection site.

Get started with KeepTruckin and Drivewyze 

KeepTruckin and Drivewyze are offering customers a special 60-day free trial of this weigh station bypass service. Act fast because the offer ends November 30, 2020. To activate Drivewyze PreClear, visit the KeepTruckin App Marketplace.  

Next Steps

Drivewyze is a leader in connected truck services. We have helped thousands of fleets improve fleet efficiency and safety outcomes towards our vision of zero crashes and zero fatalities.

  1. Drivewyze PreClear – Request a demo of the largest weigh station bypass service with 900 sites in 47 states and provinces.
  2. Drivewyze Free – Sign up for Drivewyze Free, the first comprehensive and free safety solution using proactive alerts to improve fleet safety. Available for free for fleets and owner-operators.
  3. Drivewyze Safety+ – Premium safety solution for fleets that comes with custom zone alerts, severe weather alerts and a lot more. Request a demo or a free trial today!
  4. Drivewyze Mobile Apps – Owner-operators can sign up for a free 30-day trial for the Drivewyze PreClear app on iOS and Android and start receiving bypasses in 900 sites across 47 states and provinces.
  5. Careers and Partnerships – If you’re interested in joining the team that is building the future of connect trucking, please see our Careers page and submit partnership inquiries here.

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