Many ELD Providers Now Offer Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass Service

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Following the announcement by the U.S. Department of Transportation in December regarding the publication of a long-awaited final rule mandating the use of electronic logging devices, many carriers and some owner-operators may now be looking more closely at their options.

With so many ELDs on the market from which to choose, it may be easy to forget that a number of ELD providers offer the same Drivewyze weigh station bypass currently available on tablets and smartphones. All ELDs essentially provide truck fleets and operators the ability to get navigational directions, to record and monitor HOS, to provide vehicle and engine diagnostics to fleet managers or to truck and fleet maintenance shops, and to stay connected with dispatchers, terminals, shippers and brokers.

Yet, different ELD providers do offer some functionalities unique to their systems – such as dual-mode wireless-satellite communications, electronic vehicle inspection reporting, truck-specific GPS, integrated transportation management systems, or multichannel Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hot spot capabilities in the truck cab. As David Cullen, executive editor of Heavy Duty Trucking, reported in his Washington Watch column on page 12 of the January 2016 issue, it’s important for carriers to examine the benefits of ELDs beyond compliance such as cost avoidances on maintenance and fuel.

When you do consider which ELD to choose, take a closer look at the services each offers to determine which one will best suit your fleet’s operational needs. And of course, be sure to include Drivewyze weigh station bypass functionality on your checklist. With several leading ELD providers currently offering Drivewyze, or at least well on their way to offering it, there’s no reason why drivers can’t get it or continue using it if they already have it loaded on their own smartphones and tablets.

For a look at which ELDs offer Drivewyze, please visit our ELD page.

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