Seven Don’t-Miss Podcasts for Truckers

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Seven Don’t-Miss Podcasts for Truckers

During long hours on the road, many truck drivers enjoy listening to podcasts of all kinds. There are even podcasts created specifically for truckers that provide drivers’ insights into the industry, tips, events, and other opinions. Whether you’re a brand new driver or an experienced veteran, it is always helpful to hear the perspectives of other drivers and learn new things about the trucking industry.

Because there are so many trucking podcasts to choose from, we’ve compiled our list of the seven best podcasts for drivers.

TalkCDL Trucking Podcast

TalkCDL is a trucking podcast made by truckers for truckers. The hosts are proud that trucking is their life and are dedicated to helping others find their way in the trucking industry while providing entertainment. TalkCDL deals with all sorts of trucking industry topics and boasts over 300 episodes, so you’re not going to run out of listening material any time soon. Fans of the show love their up to date topics, fun banter, and the fact that new episodes air on Mondays, providing a silver lining to the beginning of the week.

BCB Live

BCB Live is the radio talk show and podcast for the BCB Transport trucking company based in Mansfield, Texas. BCB Live is known as the “safest station in the nation.” Hosts Sir Rick, Drive Safe Steve, Buckle Up Bob, and the Producer spend each episode sharing safe driving tips, spacing tricks, trucker awareness, and other safety guidelines. They also sprinkle in some classic rock trivia to keep things fun and exciting. You can check out BCB Live here.

Truck Focus Podcast

Truck Focus is a podcast, blog, and YouTube channel dedicated to connecting industry leaders and creating important change. Host Josh Hannaberry is a transportation advocate dedicated to making a pivotal impact on the industry. He spends each episode interviewing various leaders in the trucking and transportation industry who share knowledge, perspectives, and advice to others in the field. The podcast maintains a focus on organizational processes, compliance, and profits. Tune in for information on trucking careers, life on the road, and more!

Raman Dhillon Show

The Raman Dhillon Show brings listeners Punjabi Trucking 360, the first ever trucking podcast specifically for the North American Punjabi Trucking Association (NAPTA). The podcast covers weekly news updates, information on new laws, and other information catered specifically for NAPTA. Recent episodes have covered supply chain problems, permits in the trucking industry, safety audits, and truck trailer loans. Check it out on Spotify!

Trucking for Millenials

Everybody ought to give this podcast a listen, not just millennials. Releasing a new episode each week, Trucking for Millenials is a great podcast to learn about how the next generation of trucking professionals are affecting the supply chain. With a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, listeners love their informative and professional approach when providing news and stories. Trucking for Millenials offers expert interviews, real-life stories from the field, and all sorts of news and information. If you are interested in logistics, this is the podcast for you.

Big Rig Banter

Big Rig Banter is an educational podcast powered by They cover topics ranging from what you need to know about semi-truck vehicle emissions to lifestyle tips for new drivers. What makes Big Rig Banter special is that they are a trucking podcast run by experienced journalists who land exclusive interviews and insights into the transportation industry and truck driving. Listeners love their laid-back yet informative approach. Find them on your favorite podcast apps.

The Trucking Podcast

The Trucking Podcast with Buck and Don is a father and son podcast created by Buck Ballard, who has been trucking since 1997. Buck has a wide array of experience, having driven for both large and small businesses, and is familiar with a multitude of truck makes and models and pickups. Buck loves trucking and driving, and he wants to share that love with you. The Trucking Podcast is known for being laid back, conversational, and always entertaining.

When you’re done listening to any of our favorite podcasts above, check out Drivewyze’s Driver Solutions, for all of your trucking needs.

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