Top 10 Tunes for Highway Cruisin’

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Ahh…country, rock and roll, and big rigs. There’s nothing better. Back in 2018 we gave readers our Top 10 list for classic songs that involved trucks. It was headlined by Alabama and their song, Roll on 18 Wheeler. It’s a staple.

We thought it was time to give an encore presentation to our list. So, here are our suggestions to add to your playlist. Enjoy!

Life is a Highway – Rascal Flats

Tom Cochrane first brought the song Life is a Highway to the airwaves in 1991, but Rascal Flats was the band that truly made this song a big hit. Life is a Highway has a great, upbeat rhythm to it that is sure to start your day out on the road right. The lyrics brings out the positives of traveling on the interstate.

On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

What’s a list about life on the highway without including Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again? The 87-year old country music artist is simply a living legend. While the song is about his excitement going on tour with his band and visiting places he hasn’t been before, much of that rings true for drivers. Like top musicians on tour, long haul drivers see more places in a short amount of time than most see in an entire lifetime. There aren’t many people who can claim they’ve been through as many states, provinces, and cities as truck drivers.

Highway Tune – Greta Van Fleet

Rock music just isn’t the same these days. New music with long guitar solos and impressive vocal ranges, commonly found in 70-90s is a rare find. Rock music is more ‘alternative’ in nature now, but the band Greta Van Fleet gave the traditional rock and roll sound some life again. If you listen to a song from them for the first time, you might mistake the group for Led Zepplin – they sound that similar. The lyrics are simple, but that doesn’t take away from making this an excellent tune. Many of Greta Van Fleet’s songs are perfect for highway cruisin,’ but their song Highway Tune takes the cake.

Addicted to the Diesel – Jayne Denham

With only 179,000 listens on Spotify, Addicted to the Diesel by Jayne Denham flies under the radar. Jayne is based in Australia, which likely explains why it hasn’t gained more traction here in North America, but it should. You can tell by the song name, Jayne is all about truckin’ and very proud of it.

The Road – Aaron Lewis

If you’re a fan of country/rock hybrid styled music, you’ll enjoy Aaron Lewis’ The Road. All of Lewis’ songs are country at heart with a bit of a grungy rock twist. It’s easy to picture traveling down country roads in an old long-hood tractor with this one. If you recognize Aaron Lewis’ voice, it’s because he’s the front man for the band Staind – a popular hard rock band.

Running on Empty – Jackson Browne

Another oldie but a goodie. Jackson Browne’s inspiration for this one is from a time he drove his car with fumes just left in his gas tank. Not much of a noteworthy experience, since he made it to where he was going, but it seems the best artists are able to create top hits with little to go off of. The song is also about how life seems to go by too fast when you’re on the road – a feeling we’re sure is shared by many drivers.

Ventura Highway – America

The soft voice of America’s front man Dewey Bunnell combined with the songs catchy beat and guitar riffs makes it a perfect song to wind down to after a long day on the road. It’s easy to image traveling on the interstate on a bright sunny day with this one.

Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi created a lot of good music, but Wanted Dead or Alive, the bands 1987 hit song has to be considered in the top few. The song is quite relatable to truckers, as it’s about life on the road. This is a song worthy of cranking up the volume.

Truck Drivin’ Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Looking for a catchy old school song all about trucking driving? Lynyrd Skynyrd has a good one to listen to any time of day. It has everything you look for in a Lynyrd Skynyrd song – lyrics you can sing along to and awesome guitar play. Most recognize the band for their top hits Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird, but this one is worth adding to your playlist too.

Running Down a Dream – Tom Petty

What dream are you working towards? We all should have one. The nature of Tom Petty’s career put him on the road all the time, and the song highlights how he’s chasing his dream by staying busy on the road touring. As a driver, we hope all the miles you’re racking up in your career will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

All of the songs mentioned above are available for streaming on Spotify and other popular streaming services. We hope you find these songs as enjoyable to listen as we do!

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