Why Join a Trucking Association?

Modified on January 19, 2023

For individuals new to the field of trucking or longtime industry veterans, joining a trucking association can offer many benefits. First, a trucking association can provide support on the legislative front by advocating for the views and rights of workers on the state and national levels, and they can ensure that important industry issues are voiced with your perspective in mind. Joining an association also offers networking possibilities, as there are likely to be a range of industry professionals among the association’s members. Seminars (or webinars) put forward by trucking associations can also provide you helpful education and guidance, and this information can guide you as you build your career and prepare for the future of trucking.

Which is Right for Me?

There are several different types of trucking associations available to you. Some, like the Mid-West Trucking Association, may be formed on a state or regional basis and allow you to connect with others in the industry in your area. Others, such as the North American Punjabi Truckers Association (or NAPTA), aim to connect you with other members of your broader community who are also involved in the industry. Still others, like the Intermodal Association of North America (or IANA), focus on particular sects of the industry, in this case the intermodal industry which connects trucking with other forms of freight transportation. Finding which association is right for you is a matter of determining whether your interest is based on regionality, community, industry, or a number of other factors. Most associations are available to contact via phone or web if you have any questions about a specific organization, its benefits, or how to become a member.

How do I Join a Trucking Association?

Membership protocols may vary depending on the association, but, generally speaking, the process of joining a trucking association is quite simple. Simply visit the association’s website, fill out a membership form, and connect with other members. Members may be expected to pay dues on a rolling basis and to maintain a level of engagement within the organization. Dues may vary according to what region and association you are looking to join. For more information tailored to industry professionals of all kinds, including drivers, operations managers, safety officers, and more, please see Drivewyze’s solutions specialized by role here, or for a selection of customer testimonials, see here

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