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Last update on Saturday November 21st, 2015.


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Heflin I-20 WB Fixed 209


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Alma I-40 EB Fixed 9
Alma I-40 WB Fixed 9
Ashdown HWY-71 NA Fixed N/A
Bridgeport I-55 NB Fixed N/A
Hope I-30 EB Fixed 26
Hope I-30 WB Fixed 26
Lehi I-40 EB Fixed 273
Marion I-55 SB Fixed 9
Riverside I-40 WB Fixed 283
Springdale I-540 NB Fixed 72.5
Springdale I-540 SB Fixed 71


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Cortez RT-160 NB Fixed 35
Cortez RT-160 SB Fixed 35
Dumont I-70 EB Fixed 233
Dumont I-70 WB Fixed
Fort Collins I-25 NB Fixed 267
Fort Collins I-25 SB Fixed 267
Fort Morgan I-76 EB Fixed
Fort Morgan I-76 WB Fixed
Lamar US287/50 EB Fixed
Lamar US287/50 WB Fixed
Limon I-70 EB Fixed 360
Limon I-70 WB Fixed N/A
Loma I-70 EB Fixed N/A
Loma I-70 WB Fixed N/A
Monument I-25 NB Fixed
Monument I-25 SB Fixed
Trinidad I-25 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Danbury I-84 EB Fixed 71
Greenwich I-95 NB Fixed
Middletown I-91 NB Fixed 21
Union I-84 WB Fixed 95
Waterford I-95 NB Fixed 89
Waterford I-95 SB Fixed 89


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Delaware Toll Plaza I-95 NB Mobile
Delaware Turnpike Inspection Point 295/I-95 SB Mobile
Limestone Inspection RT-7 NB Mobile
Limestone Inspection RT-7 SB Mobile
Middletown RT-301 NB Fixed
Newport Gap Pike Inspection US-41 SB Mobile
Terminal Ave Inspection Point Terminal-Ave NA Mobile


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Baxter Hwy-2 NA Agricultural
Branford Hwy-27 EB Agricultural
Branford Hwy-27 WB Agricultural
Day CR-250 EB Agricultural
Day CR-250 WB Agricultural
Ellaville US-90 EB Agricultural
Ellaville US-90 WB Agricultural
Fanning Springs US-19 NB Agricultural
Fanning Springs US-19 SB Agricultural
Flagler I-95 NB Fixed
Flagler I-95 SB Fixed
Interstate 10 I-10 EB Agricultural
Interstate 10 I-10 WB Agricultural
Interstate 10 West I-10 EB Agricultural
Interstate 75 I-75 NB Agricultural
Interstate 75 I-75 SB Agricultural
Interstate 95 I-95 NB Agricultural
Interstate 95 I-95 SB Agricultural
Lake City US-441 NB Agricultural
Lake City US-441 SB Agricultural
Luraville Hwy-51 NB Agricultural
Luraville Hwy-51 SB Agricultural
Macclenny SR-121 NB Agricultural
Macclenny SR-121 SB Agricultural
Madison I-10 EB Fixed
Madison I-10 WB Fixed
Martin I-95 NB Fixed
Nobles Ferry SR-751 NB Agricultural
Nobles Ferry SR-751 SB Agricultural
Pensacola I-10 EB Fixed
Pensacola I-10 WB Fixed
Punta Gorda I-75 NB Fixed
Punta Gorda I-75 SB Fixed
Rock Bluff Hwy-340 EB Agricultural
Rock Bluff Hwy-340 WB Agricultural
Seffner I-4 EB Fixed
Seffner I-4 WB Fixed
Sneads I-10 EB Fixed
Sneads I-10 WB Fixed
St George Hwy-2 EB Agricultural
St George Hwy-2 WB Agricultural
Suwannee Springs US-129 NB Agricultural
Suwannee Springs US-129 SB Agricultural
White Springs I-75 NB Fixed
White Springs I-75 SB Fixed
White Springs US-41 NB Agricultural
White Springs US-41 SB Agricultural
White Springs 2 SR-136 EB Agricultural
White Springs 2 SR-136 WB Agricultural
Wildwood I-75 NB Fixed
Wildwood I-75 SB Fixed
Yulee I-95 NB Fixed
Yulee I-95 SB Fixed
Yulee US-17 NB Agricultural
Yulee US-17 SB Agricultural


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bryan I-16 EB Fixed
Bryan I-16 WB Fixed
Carroll I-20 WB Fixed
Catoosa I-75 NB Fixed
Catoosa I-75 SB Fixed
Chatham I-95 SB Fixed
Columbia I-20 EB Fixed
Columbia I-20 WB Fixed
Douglas I-20 EB Fixed
Franklin I-85 NB Fixed
Franklin I-85 SB Fixed
Lowndes I-75 NB Fixed
Lowndes I-75 SB Fixed
McIntosh I-95 NB Fixed
McIntosh I-95 SB Fixed
Monroe I-75 NB Fixed
Monroe I-75 SB Fixed
Troup I-85 NB Fixed
Troup I-85 SB Fixed

Idaho *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
East Boise * I-84 EB Fixed
East Boise * I-84 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Chesterton I-94 EB Fixed
Chesterton I-94 WB Fixed
Lowell I-65 SB Fixed
Richmond I-70 WB Fixed
Seymour I-65 NB Fixed
Seymour I-65 SB Fixed
Terre Haute I-70 EB Fixed
Warren I-69 SB Fixed
West Harrison I-74 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Belleville US-81 SB Fixed
Kanorado I-70 EB Fixed
Liberal US-54 EB Fixed
Olathe I-35 NB Fixed
Olathe I-35 SB Fixed
South Haven I-35 NB Fixed
Wabaunsee I-70 EB Fixed
Wabaunsee I-70 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Boone County I-71 SB Fixed 76
Elizabethtown I-65 SB Fixed 90
Fulton County US-51 NB Fixed
Georgetown I-75 NB Fixed 130
Henderson US-41 SB Fixed 21
Kenton County I-75 SB Fixed 169
London I-75 NB Fixed
London I-75 SB Fixed
Lyon County I-24 EB Fixed
Lyon County I-24 WB Fixed
Morehead I-64 WB Fixed
Shelbyville I-64 EB Fixed 38
Simpson County I-65 NB Fixed 4


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Baptist I-12 EB Fixed
Baptist * I-12 WB Fixed
Breaux Bridge I-10 EB Fixed
Breaux Bridge I-10 WB Fixed
Delta I-20 EB Fixed
Delta I-20 WB Fixed
Greenwood I-20 EB Fixed
Greenwood I-20 WB Fixed
Kentwood I-55 SB Fixed
Laplace I-10 EB Fixed
Laplace I-10 WB Fixed
Starks State-Rte-12 EB Fixed
Starks State-Rte-12 WB Fixed
Toomey I-10 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Beddington RT-9 WB Mobile 236
Caribou RT-1 NB Mobile
Ellsworth RT-1 EB Mobile
Ellsworth RT-1 WB Mobile
Freeport RT-295 NB Mobile 18
Hampden I-95 NB Mobile
Hampden I-95 SB Mobile 179
Hinkley (Skowhegan) RT-201 NB Mobile
Hollis Fire Station RT-5 WB Mobile
Houlton RT-1 SB Mobile
Kittery I-95 SB Fixed 5
Kittery (Portsmouth) RT-1 NB Mobile 4
Kittery (Portsmouth) RT-1 SB Mobile 4
Lebanon RT-202 NB Mobile
Old Town I-95 SB Fixed 199
Pittsfield I-95 NB Mobile 148
Pittsfield I-95 SB Mobile 148
Portland Exit 44 RT-295/I-95 WB Mobile 1
Presque Isle RT-1 SB Mobile
Rumford RT-2 NB Mobile
Sandy Bay POE RT-201 SB Mobile
Sidney I-95 SB Fixed 117
South Berwick RT-4 SB Mobile
York I-95 NB Fixed 5


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bay Bridge US-50 EB Fixed
Bay Bridge US-50 WB Fixed
Cecilton US-301 SB Fixed 122
Conowingo W & Insp US-1 NA Fixed
Delmar RT-13 NB Fixed 41
Delmar RT-13 SB Fixed 40
Finzel W & Insp I-68 EB Fixed 31
Foy Hill W & Insp Pulaski-Hwy EB Fixed 4
Harbor Throughway Tunnel I-895 EB Fixed
Hyattstown RT-270 NB Fixed 20
Hyattstown RT-270 SB Fixed 20
New Market W & Insp I-70 EB Fixed 63
Park & Ride I-95/I-495 NA Fixed
Parkton I-83 SB Fixed 35
Perryville I-95 NB Fixed
Perryville I-95 SB Fixed
Snow Hill US-113 EB Mobile 10
Upper Marlboro W & Insp US-301 NB Fixed
Upper Marlboro W & Insp US-301 SB Fixed
Vienna W & Insp US-50 EB Fixed 98
West Friendship W & Insp * I-70 WB Fixed 79


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Attleboro I-95 NB Mobile
Attleboro I-95 SB Mobile
Barnstable Rt-6 EB Mobile
Barnstable Rt-6 WB Mobile
Cheshire Rt-8 NA Mobile
Deerfield I-91 NB Mobile
Deerfield I-91 SB Mobile
Lancaster Rt-2 EB Mobile
Lancaster Rt-2 WB Mobile
Raynham I-95 NB Mobile
Raynham I-95 SB Mobile
Rowley I-95 NB Mobile
Rowley I-95 SB Mobile
Seekonk I-95 EB Mobile
Seekonk I-95 WB Mobile
Sturbridge I-84 NB Mobile
Sturbridge I-84 SB Mobile
Uxbridge Rt-146 NB Mobile
Uxbridge Rt-146 SB Mobile

Michigan *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Fowlerville * I-96 WB Fixed
Monroe (La Salle) * I-75 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Carlton I-35 NB Mobile 236
Carlton I-35 SB Fixed 237
Clarks Grove HWY-35 NB Mobile 17
Clarks Grove HWY-35 SB Mobile 17
Daytonport HWY-10 EB Fixed 219
Daytonport HWY-10 WB Fixed 219
Erskine HWY-2 NA Fixed 56
Forest Lake I-35 NB Mobile 128
Forest Lake I-35 SB Fixed
Moorhead I-94 EB Fixed 4
Nodine I-90 EB Mobile 261
Nodine I-90 WB Mobile 261
Saginaw HWY-2 NA Fixed 244
St Croix I-94 WB Fixed
Worthington I-90 EB Fixed 46


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bovina I-20 EB Fixed 7
Bovina I-20 WB Fixed 10
Centreville State-Hwy-24 NA Fixed
Corinth RT-45-Bypass NB Fixed
Corinth RT-45-Bypass SB Fixed
Crossroads RT-26 WB Fixed
Fulton US-Hwy-78 EB Fixed
Fulton US-Hwy-78 WB Fixed
Iuka US-72 EB Fixed
Iuka US-72 WB Fixed
Kewanee I-20/59 EB Fixed
Kewanee I-20/59 WB Fixed
Lucedale US-98 EB Fixed
Lucedale US-98 WB Fixed
Lula US-Hwy-49 EB Fixed
Lula US-Hwy-49 WB Fixed
Nasa (Bay Saint Louis) I-10 EB Fixed 9
Nasa (Bay Saint Louis) I-10 WB Fixed 2
Nesbit I-55 NB Fixed 285
Nesbit I-55 SB Fixed 286
Nicholson I-59 NB Fixed 1
Nicholson I-59 SB Fixed
Olive Branch US-Hwy-78 EB Fixed
Olive Branch US-Hwy-78 WB Fixed
Orange Grove I-10 EB Fixed 74
Orange Grove I-10 WB Fixed 77
Osyka I-55 NB Fixed 1.5
Sandy Hook Hwy-35 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Foristell I-70 EB Fixed
Foristell I-70 WB Fixed
Joplin I-44 EB Fixed
Joplin I-44 WB Fixed
Mayview I-70 EB Fixed
Mayview I-70 WB Fixed
St Clair I-44 EB Fixed
St Clair I-44 WB Fixed

Montana *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Wibaux * I-94 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Apex I-15 SB Mobile 61
Bordertown US-395 NB Mobile
Bordertown US-395 SB Mobile
Ely US-6 WB Mobile
Garson I-80 EB Mobile
Mustang I-80 WB Mobile 25
Osino I-80 EB Mobile 312
Osino I-80 WB Mobile 312
Sloan I-15 NB Mobile
Wadsworth I-80 EB Mobile 42
Winnemucca US-95 SB Mobile

New Hampshire

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Canterbury I-93 NB Mobile
Durham RT-4 WB Mobile
Epping W & Insp RT-101 EB Mobile 119
Epping W & Insp RT-101 WB Mobile 120
Hampton Toll I-95 NB Mobile
Hampton Toll I-95 SB Mobile 4.2
Lebanon I-89 NB Mobile 57
Windham (Derry) I-93 NB Fixed 7.4
Windham (Derry) I-93 SB Fixed 8

New Mexico

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Alamogordo US-54 SB Mobile 56
Anthony I-10 WB Fixed 160
Carlsbad US-62/US-180 WB Fixed 26
Carrizozo US-54 SB Mobile 119
Cedar Hill US-550 SB Mobile 173
Clayton US-87 WB Mobile 8
Gallup I-40 EB Fixed 12
Gallup I-40 WB Mobile 12
Hobbs US-62 WB Fixed 108
Lordsburg I-10/US-70 EB Fixed 24
Lordsburg I-10/US-70 WB Fixed 24
Loving US-285 SB Mobile 24
Melrose US-60/US-84 EB Mobile 365.5
Melrose US-60/US-84 WB Mobile 366
Nara Visa US-54 WB Fixed 350
Orogrande US-54 NB Fixed 40
Raton I-25/US-87 SB Fixed 0
Roswell US-285 NB Mobile 150
Roswell US-285 SB Mobile 150
Route 70 US-70 EB Mobile 340
Route 70 US-70 WB Mobile 340
San Jon I-40 EB Fixed 356
San Jon I-40 WB Fixed 356
Texico US-60/US-70/US-84 WB Fixed 397
Tinaja Rest Area I-25 NB Mobile 434
Tinaja Rest Area I-25 SB Mobile 435
Tularosa US-54 NB Mobile 78
Vaughn US-60/US-285 EB Mobile 204
Villanueva US-84 EB Mobile 325
Villanueva US-84 WB Mobile 325
Waldo Canyon Road I-25 NB Mobile 267
Waldo Canyon Road I-25 SB Mobile 267

New York

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Allegany I-86 WB Mobile
Bath I-86 WB Mobile
Bedford I-684 SB Mobile
Campbell I-86 EB Mobile
Clifton Park I-87 NB Mobile
Erwin ST 15 SB Mobile
Lafayette I-81 NB Mobile
Lafayette I-81 SB Mobile
Nichols I-86 EB Mobile
Nichols I-86 WB Mobile
Peru I-87 SB Mobile
Plainview I-495 EB Mobile
Preble I-81 NB Mobile
Queensbury I-87 NB Mobile
Queensbury I-87 SB Mobile
Saugerties I-87 NB Mobile
Schodack I-90 WB Mobile
Southeast I-684 NB Mobile
Spring Valley I-87 NB Mobile
Valcour I-87 NB Mobile
Victor I-490 EB Mobile
Victor I-490 WB Mobile
Wallkill I-84 WB Mobile
Watertown I-81 SB Mobile
Wawayanda I-84 EB Mobile

North Carolina

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Ashville I-40 WB Fixed
Halifax I-95 NB Fixed
Lumberton I-95 SB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bridgeville Rest Area I-79 NB Mobile 50
Bridgeville Rest Area I-79 SB Mobile 51
Bucks County Rest Area I-95 SB Mobile 50
Clarion I-80 EB Fixed 55
Clarion I-80 WB Mobile 56
Claysville Welcome Center I-70 EB Mobile
Grantville Rest Area I-81 NB Mobile 79
Grantville Rest Area I-81 SB Mobile 79
Kirby Rest Area I-79 NB Mobile
Lone Pine I-79 SB Mobile
Marcus Hook Welcome Center I-95 NB Mobile 0.4
Marion I-81 NB Mobile 7
Marion I-81 SB Mobile
Mifflinville Rest Area I-80 EB Mobile
Mifflinville Rest Area I-80 WB Mobile
Newberrytown I-83 NB Mobile
Newberrytown I-83 SB Mobile

Rhode Island

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Jamestown Bridge RT-138 EB Mobile
Jamestown Bridge RT-138 WB Mobile
Mt. Hope Bridge Rt-114 NB Mobile
Mt. Hope Bridge Rt-114 SB Mobile
Newport Bridge RT-138 EB Mobile
North Scituate RT-6 EB Mobile
North Scituate RT-6 WB Mobile
North Smithfield RT-146 NB Mobile 1
North Smithfield RT-146 SB Mobile 3
Sakonnet Bridge RT-24 NB Mobile
Sakonnet Bridge RT-24 SB Mobile
Wyoming I-95 NB Mobile 10
Wyoming I-95 SB Mobile 10

South Dakota

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Aberdeen Hwy-12 NA Mobile
Beresford I-29 SB Mobile
Blunt Hwy-14 NA Mobile
Buffalo Hwy-85 NA Mobile
Canton Hwy-18 EB Mobile
Canton Hwy-18 WB Mobile
Chamberlain Rest Area I-90 NA Mobile
Corsica Hwy-281 NA Mobile
Corson Hwy-11 NA Mobile
Faulkton Hwy-212 NA Mobile
Frederick Hwy-281 NA Mobile
Gettysburg Hwy-212 NA Mobile
Jefferson I-29 NB Fixed
Jefferson I-29 SB Mobile
Lemmon Hwy-12 NA Mobile
MM 1 Hwy-19 EB Mobile 1
MM 102/103 I-29 NB Mobile
MM 102/103 I-29 SB Mobile
MM 129 I-90 EB Mobile
MM 160 I-29 NB Mobile
MM 187/189 I-90 EB Mobile
MM 187/189 I-90 WB Mobile
MM 194/195 I-90 EB Mobile
MM 194/195 I-90 WB Mobile
MM 213 I-29 NB Mobile
MM 327 Hwy-10 EB Mobile
MM 354 US-212 EB Mobile
MM 373 Hwy-20 NA Mobile
MM 41 I-90 WB Mobile
MM 6 Hwy-212 NA Mobile
MM 69 I-90 EB Mobile
MM 69 I-90 WB Mobile
MM 99 I-90 WB Mobile
MP 1 I-90 EB Mobile
MP 244 US-18 NA Mobile
MP 44 US-83 NB Mobile
Madison Hwy-34 NA Mobile
Meckling Hwy-50 EB Mobile
Midway Hwy-46 NA Mobile
Milbank Hwy-12 NA Mobile
Miller Hwy-45 SB Mobile
Mitchell I-90 NA Mobile
Phillip Hwy-73 NA Mobile
Plankinton Hwy-281 NA Mobile
Rapid City Catron Blvd NA Mobile
Redfield Hwy-281 SB Mobile
Riverside I-90 EB Mobile
Riverside I-90 WB Mobile
Rowena Hwy-42 NA Mobile
Salem Rest Area I-90 EB Mobile
Salem Rest Area I-90 WB Mobile
Selby Hwy-83 NA Mobile
Sioux Falls I-90 EB Mobile
Sioux Falls I-90 WB Fixed
Sisseton I-29 SB Fixed
Stanley Corner US-81 NA Mobile
Tilford I-90 EB Fixed
Tindell Hwy-50 NA Mobile
Vivian Hwy-248 NA Mobile
Volga Hwy-14 WB Mobile
Webster Hwy-12 EB Mobile
White Lake I-90 EB Mobile
White Lake I-90 WB Mobile
Wolsey Hwy-281 NA Mobile
Woonsocket Hwy-37 NA Mobile


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Giles I-65 NB Fixed 5
Green I-81 SB Fixed 22
Haywood I-40 EB Fixed 49
Haywood I-40 WB Fixed 50
Knox I-40 EB Fixed 371
Knox I-40 WB Fixed 372
Manchester I-24 WB Fixed 116
Robertson I-65 NB Fixed 119
Robertson I-65 SB Fixed 120


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Abernathy I-27 NB Fixed 24
Abernathy I-27 SB Fixed 24
Alamo US-83 EB Mobile 872
Alamo US-83 WB Mobile 872
Anthony I-10 WB Mobile 1
Beeville US-59 EB Fixed
Beeville US-59 WB Fixed 690
Big Spring North US-87 NA Mobile 375
Bridgeport Hwy-114 SB Fixed 560
Brookshire I-10 EB Fixed 729
Carlsbad US-87 SB Mobile 456
Centerville I-45 SB Fixed 167
Childress US-287 NB Fixed 230
Childress US-287 SB Fixed
Devine I-35 NB Fixed 119
Devine I-35 SB Fixed 119
Diboll US-59 SB Fixed 403
El Paso East US-62/180 WB Mobile 40
El Toro US-59 SB Fixed 620
Falfurrias US-281 NB Fixed
Falfurrias US-281 SB Fixed 714
Fannin US-59 NB Fixed 658
Fannin US-59 SB Fixed 658
Henrietta US-287 SB Mobile 368
Hungerford US-59 NB Fixed 564
Inez US-59 NB Fixed 622
Iowa Park US-287 NB Mobile 331
Iowa Park US-287 SB Mobile 331
Jacksboro US-281 SB Mobile 252
Karnes US-181 SB Fixed 558
Kennedale US-287 NB Mobile 479
Kennedale US-287 SB Mobile 479
Kingsbury I-10 EB Fixed 616
Kingsbury I-10 WB Fixed 616
Mt Pleasant I-30 EB Fixed 158
Mt Pleasant I-30 WB Fixed 158
New Waverly I-45 NB Fixed 101
Pampa US-60 NA Fixed 390
Penwell I-20 EB Fixed 104
Penwell I-20 WB Mobile 103
Queen City US-59 NB Fixed 232
Refugio US-77 NB Fixed 624
Riviera US-77 NB Fixed
Riviera US-77 SB Fixed
San Marcos I-35 SB Fixed 209
Sealy I-10 WB Fixed 726
Skidmore US-181 NB Fixed 598
Skidmore US-181 SB Fixed 598
Slaton US-84 WB Fixed 336
Snyder US-84 EB Fixed 410
Terrell I-20 EB Fixed 512
Terrell I-20 WB Fixed 512
Three Rivers I-37 NB Fixed 74
Three Rivers I-37 SB Fixed 75
Tilden Hwy-16 NB Fixed
Tilden Hwy-16 SB Fixed 670
Tyler (Lindale) I-20 EB Fixed 546
Tyler (Lindale) I-20 WB Fixed 546
Van Horn I-10 EB Mobile 137
Van Horn I-10 WB Mobile 146
Wilmer I-45 NB Fixed 272
Wilmer I-45 SB Fixed 272
Winnie I-10 WB Fixed 821
Zapata US-83 NB Mobile 736

Utah *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Echo * I-80 WB Fixed
Perry * I-15 NB Fixed
Perry * I-15 SB Fixed
St George * I-15 NB Fixed
St George * I-15 SB Fixed
Wendover * I-80 EB Fixed
Wendover * I-80 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Barnet I-91 NB Mobile 122
Bradford I-91 NB Mobile 100
Bradford I-91 SB Mobile 100
Colchester I-89 NB Mobile
Colchester I-89 SB Mobile
Colchester US-7 NB Mobile
Concord US-2 WB Mobile
Coventry I-91 NB Mobile 167
Coventry I-91 SB Mobile 167
Emerald Lake US-7 SB Mobile
Fairhaven RT-4 EB Fixed
Georgia I-89 NB Mobile 110
Georgia I-89 SB Mobile 111
Guilford Inspection Site I-91 NB Mobile
Guilford Welcome Center I-91 NB Mobile 6
Hartford I-91 NB Mobile 69
Hartford I-91 SB Mobile 69
IRA US-4 WB Mobile
Lyndon I-91 SB Mobile 141
N.Clarendon RT-7 NB Mobile
N.Clarendon RT-7 SB Mobile
Putney I-91 NB Mobile
Putney I-91 SB Fixed
Randolph I-89 NB Mobile 34
Randolph I-89 SB Mobile 34
Ryegate I-91 NB Mobile 115
Ryegate I-91 SB Mobile 114
Searsburg VT-9 EB Mobile
Sharon I-89 NB Mobile 9
Sharon I-89 SB Mobile 9
Springfield I-91 NB Mobile 39
Springfield I-91 SB Mobile 39
Vernon I-91 SB Mobile 4
Waterbury I-89 NB Mobile
Waterbury I-89 SB Mobile
Wheelock I-91 NB Mobile 143
Williston I-89 NB Mobile 82
Williston I-89 SB Mobile 82


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Alberta * I-85 NB Fixed 22
Alberta * I-85 SB Fixed 22
Aldie US-50 EB Fixed
Bland I-77 NB Fixed 52
Bland I-77 SB Fixed 52
Carson I-95 NB Fixed 39
Carson I-95 SB Fixed 39
Dahlgren US-301 NB Fixed 141
Dahlgren US-301 SB Fixed 141
Dumfries I-95 NB Fixed 154
Dumfries I-95 SB Fixed 154
Hollins US-11 NB Fixed
Louisa I-64 EB Mobile
Louisa I-64 WB Mobile
Middletown RT-11 NB Fixed
New Church RT-13 NB Fixed 135
New Church RT-13 SB Fixed 135
Sandston I-64 EB Fixed 202
Sandston I-64 WB Fixed 203
Stephens City I-81 NB Fixed 303
Stephens City I-81 SB Fixed 305
Suffolk US-13 EB Fixed
Suffolk US-13 WB Fixed
Troutville I-81 NB Fixed 148
Troutville I-81 SB Fixed 149
Turnout RT-220 NB Mobile
Turnout RT-60 EB Mobile
Turnout RT-60 WB Mobile

West Virginia

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Fairmont I-79 NB Fixed 140
Fairmont I-79 SB Fixed 141
Mineral Wells I-77 NB Fixed 168
Mineral Wells I-77 SB Fixed 169
Teays Valley I-64 EB Fixed 37
Teays Valley I-64 WB Fixed

Wisconsin *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Beloit * I-39 NB Fixed
Hudson * I-94 EB Fixed
Madison * I-90 SB Fixed
Menomonie * I-94 WB Fixed