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We have all the tools and materials you need to get your teams trained on what to expect with Drivewyze PreClear – your drivers and dispatch managers, as well as your procurement, finance, safety, and operations teams. This includes instructional user guides, online driver resource pages, videos, and presentations.

We also understand that any new technology roll out can be prone to push back stemming from confusion or a resistance to change. Let us help you set expectations with your drivers and other teams. We’d be happy to jump on a conference call, present at a safety meeting or simply speak to an individual directly.

Our Customer Success team is ready to help you roll Drivewyze PreClear out in an orderly and efficient fashion, and even help you transition from your old bypass service, if necessary, without getting hammered by “lost transponder” penalties. And our Customer Service team is ready to provide all the help you need to keep your drivers happy and your trucks out of weigh stations. 

Phone : 1 (888) 988-1590   Monday to Friday, 8AM to 9PM ET
Fax: 1 (877) 393-8883

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