Overview #

From the Safety Notifications tab of Fleet Settings you can customize specific types of alerts for the entire fleet or specific groups of vehicles.

Details #

Callout Item Description
a Alert Section This designates the section of alerts. There are two sections, which are:

  • Standard Alerts (Safety Notifications)
  • Safety+
b Alert Type The name of the alert
c Alert Image The image that is displayed to the driver when the alert occurs.
d Group Exclusion Choose to exclude certain groups of vehicles.
-If the alert is enabled, then the alert is disabled for these groups.
-If the alert is disabled, then the alert is enabled for these groups.Note:This field may not be available in your subscription.
e On/Off Toggle

Toggle the notifications on and off.

Note: Analytics data is still collected about which risk zones drivers are visiting even when the notifications are off.
Note: The status of the notification does not impact billing.

f Save button Click Save to save all the changes made.

Enable an alert #

  1. Navigate to Administration > Fleet Settings > Safety Notifications.
  2. Find the alert you want to enable, then click the toggle.
  3. (Optional) Select any groups you want to exclude from the alert. Add enablement wording.
  4. Click Save. The changes can take at least an hour to take effect on the driver’s device.