Table of Contents

Overview #

Custom Safety Zones is a part of Drivewyze Safety+. With Custom Safety Zones, fleets unlock the ability to deliver customized driver alerts anywhere they would like, and analyze driving behavior in specific areas.

Check out the Drivewyze Safety+ Reference Guide for more information about other Safety+ features and setup.

Note: Custom Safety Zones requires the Advanced Permission to View or Edit Custom Zones.  See our articles on managing fleet users to learn more.

How it works #

  • Fleet users can use the Safety Zone Builder to easily define geofence-based zone locations
  • Setup the zone for your needs:
    • Alert Only Zones:  Show driver alerts
    • Analysis Only Zones: Monitor speeding and visit frequency
    • Alert+Analysis Zones: Monitor how drivers react to alerts
  • Create custom location-specific driver messages
  • Timely over-the-air delivery