Overview #

Severe Weather Alerts are a part of Drivewyze Safety+ through a partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). When enabled, alerts are automatically generated using data provided by the NWS API in real time. The data provided by NWS is used to determine the location of weather events.

Severe Weather Alerts can be seen in Safety+ Insights Reporting.

All alerts are a severity of Extreme and Severe and a certainty of Observed and Likely.​ More information about exact event types can be found in Severe Weather Alerts Definitions.

Configure alerts #

Severe Weather Alerts are enabled by default for Safety+ Fleets. Weather Notifications can be turned off for individual drivers or groups.

Access notifications from the Fleet Settings > Safety Notifications page. More information can be found in the Managing Safety Notifications article.

Alert example #

The following image shows an example of what a severe weather alert looks like to the driver in-cab.