Overview #

When a vehicle has a third-party transponder program in addition to Drivewyze, enable the third-party transponder in the Drivewyze Hub so that Drivewyze can display the correct instructions. This article outlines how to navigate this particular use case.

Note: If you do not set a transponder and plan to use Drivewyze, then Drivewyze will continue to issue instructions in addition to the instructions issued by the transponder. If either the transponder or Drivewyze issues a pull-in instruction, the driver MUST pull in.

Best practice #

Set transponder type #

When you set up your vehicle(s) on the web, in the mobile app, or through the VMAPI, select the particular third-party transponder you are using in addition to Drivewyze (multiple third-party transponders can also be selected). This lets Drivewyze know that you also have a supported third-party transponder program in the vehicle so the Drivewyze app can take the correct action during possible bypass events.

Action to take during a bypass event #

When you enter a zone where a bypass could occur, follow the action that is presented on the screen of the third-party transponder. Drivewyze presents a “Follow Transponder” message to remind you of this. Following the instruction on the third-party transponder is the correct action to take.

More Information #

If you have questions regarding this topic contact Support or Customer Success for additional clarity.