Table of Contents

Overview #

In order to receive bypasses you must grant the following permissions to Drivewyze mobile:

  • Precise location access
  • Appear on top of other apps
  • Background location access

If you skip any of the permissions listed above you will not be able to complete setup and receive bypasses. A checklist is shown notifying you of the steps you need to complete.

Enable permissions #

  1. Log in to Drivewyze mobile and navigate to the home screen if not already there.
  2. Tap Allow Location Access.
  3. Tap While using the app.
  4. Tap Allow Display Over Other Apps.
  5. Tap the toggle next to Drivewyze.
  6. Tap the <- arrow to go back to the Drivewyze app.
  7. Tap Allow Background Location.
  8. Tap Allow all the time or Allow only while using the app, then toggle on Use Precise Location.
  9. Tap Allow Notifications.
  10. Tap Allow to complete.