Overview #

The Fleet Overview dashboard provides a quick view into the overall state of the fleet for the selected timeframe. The dashboard is divided up into the following tiles:

    • Setup Status
    • Safety Alert Impact Assessment
    • Drivers Behavior In Risk Zones
    • Risk Zone Notifications
    • Performance Rank – Bottom
    • Performance Rank – Top
    • Risk Hotspots

Setup Status #

The Setup Status tile shows how many vehicles are enabled for safety notifications.

Safety Alert Impact Assessment #

The Safety Alert Impact Assessment tile displays Speeding Incident %, Breakdown by Severity, and Speeding Incident % Trend. Speeding Incident % identifies how often drivers are at least 5mph over the speed limit in risk zones.

Driver Behavior in Risk Zones #

The Driver Behavior in Risk Zones tile shows the percentage of speeding incidents in Rollover Zones, Speed Violation Zones, and Steep Grade Zones.


Risk Zone Notifications #

The Risk Zone Notifications Tile shows all of the notifications that have been sent per risk zone.

Performance Rank #

The Performance Rank tile is divided up into two sections:

  • Performance Rank – Bottom: These are drivers that are in the bottom of the performance ranking.
  • Performance Rank – Top: These are drivers that are in the top of the performance ranking.

Note: Performance Rank – Top only displays when there are at least 20 rows in total. Otherwise, only Performance Rank – Bottom is shown.

Risk Hotspots #

The Risk Hotspots tile shows a map of where all the alerts and incidents have occurred. Click on each state to see more details.