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What happens when the Drivewyze PreClear Android app is not running in the foreground on my device? #

If Drivewyze is not in your list of active applications you no longer have an active session and will miss potential bypass opportunities. Please ensure that Drivewyze remains open at all times when you are actively visiting inspection sites to be able to collect bypasses.

Can Drivewyze PreClear be used at the same time as other bypass programs? #

If you are using multiple bypass programs, you may receive conflicting messages when approaching a weigh station that supports both programs. In this case, if either Drivewyze PreClear or the other bypass service indicates you should pull in into the site, you must pull in if the station is open. You can only legally bypass if both programs indicate you should bypass.

Why didn’t I get a bypass? #

There are several reasons why you might not get a bypass during a site visit

Communication Issues

  • No data signal was detected by your device. Ensure it has cellular service with a data connection when approaching a site.
  • Communication issues with cellular providers.

Service Level Issues

  • Drivewyze PreClear is displaying “bypass service activation pending” because you just started a bypass trial.  To correct this, you can pull in at your next Drivewyze site, or contact support for assistance.
  • Your bypass trial has expired.  To correct this, you can contact Drivewyze PreClear to subscribe or request a trial extension (if appropriate, due to circumstances that interfered with your trial).

State Agency Requirements

  • Each state has a pull-in requirement which may affect if you get a bypass. This is based on your vehicle’s valid registration, your carrier’s safety score, IFTA and other licensing requirements as well as a random pull-in value.

Does my driving activity get recorded and time stamped? #

Driving activity based on vehicle data is only recorded at time of visit to weigh stations or mobile inspection sites.

Can I be issued a citation for speeding? #

No, you cannot be issued a citation for speeding based on your travel event history using Drivewyze PreClear. The date and time between site visits is not shared with law enforcement.

Will law enforcement honor the bypasses this app shows to me? #

Yes, Drivewyze PreClear has the full commitment and support of the commercial vehicle enforcement agency in every state or province where we provide bypasses. If you encounter an issue where your bypass is not being honored, please contact Customer Support and we will work together to resolve the conflict or refer to recall instructions.

Is this app legal to use in-cab? #

Drivewyze PreClear works in compliance with FMCSA guidelines:

  • Regarding in-cab cell usage
  • State distracted driving legislation

Drivewyze PreClear was designed with your safety in mind, and in compliance with the FMCSA rule on mobile phone usage. Drivewyze PreClear is designed to operate hands-free, which is permitted under the FMCSA rule. Once it’s activated at the start of a trip, Drivewyze PreClear requires no further interaction. Your device can sit unattended in a dash holder, and Drivewyze PreClear will automatically play a tone and display a message on the screen notifying you of an upcoming station, and whether you receive a bypass.

For more information on commercial motor vehicle driver safety please visit the FMCSA website.

When Drivewyze PreClear gives me a driving instruction, is that instruction coming from Drivewyze or Law Enforcement? #

All bypasses displayed on your device are the result of clearance request decisions made by law enforcement. Bypasses granted at all site visits are legal instructions made by rules set by law enforcement in the state/site. Every bypass you take is 100% legal.

What happens if I follow bypass instructions and get stopped by law enforcement? #

Open Drivewyze PreClear on your device and select the icon representing your ‘Most Recent Driving Instruction’. You will be presented with the driving instruction, date/time, location and vehicle information related to your last site visit.

Why was I told to follow road signs? #

You may receive a driving instruction informing you to Follow Road Signs for the following reasons:

  • You are visiting a site not participating the Drivewyze PreClear program, as indicated by “Non-Drivewyze” text in the head-up notifications
  • The driving instruction will show on the electronic road sign when you are visiting a site in a state like Louisiana, where integrated electronic signs are used.

I used to get bypasses, but they’ve stopped and I’m just getting “Pull In Unless Closed”. What happened? #

It is possible that your free trial has expired, or your paid bypass service has been suspended. Contact us to help.

Are there restrictions to what I can haul and still receive bypass through Drivewyze? #

Yes, individual states do restrict bypasses based on certain criteria. You can click here to view the full list of bypass restrictions.

What are the rules for approving a bypass request? #

Each state has pull in requirements which may affect if you get a bypass. This is based on your vehicle’s valid registration, your carrier’s safety score, vehicle weight, IFTA and other licensing requirements as well as a random pull-in rules.

How much time will I have to react to the bypass message? #

Drivewyze PreClear will warn drivers of all approaching inspection sites at 2 miles and 1 mile. This lead-time provides ample opportunity to safely change lanes if needed.

What if I forget my password? #

At the sign-in screen you can select “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions.

What happens when Drivewyze PreClear is not running in the foreground on my device? #

Drivewyze PreClear will remain running in the background. Notifications will continue to be displayed at all site visits.

Do I need to have a data/internet connection turned on to use Drivewyze PreClear on my device? #

Yes, Drivewyze PreClear requires a constant cellular-data connection on approach to inspection sites in order to send and receive bypass requests.

Can I use the phone for voice at the same time? #

Yes, you may use voice at the same time as Drivewyze PreClear application if your provider supports this. Certain providers and cellular plans restrict the use of both data and cellular transmission at the same time. Please verify with your cellular service provider to determine whether you would be affected.

What if I drive multiple vehicles or change the vehicle I am driving? #

Drivewyze PreClear allows a user to select from a list of multiple registered vehicles within the application. If information such as license plate, VIN or DOT changes, please contact Drivewyze Customer Support.

Are drivers eligible for a bypass at all weigh stations in the US? #

Drivewyze PreClear is supported in the majority of US states and a growing number of Canadian Provinces. This service is continually improved and expanded upon with new sites and states. Check out the latest coverage map.

Can I log into Drivewyze PreClear on two or more devices and use them at the same time? #

No. Technical measures have been put into place to prevent the use of more than one device at a time. If you do attempt to receive a bypass on a second device Drivewyze PreClear will detect this and will not provide a bypass to the second device making the request.

What do I need to do to complete my service registration? #

To complete your service registration, you must pull-in to the next open inspection site. There is no need to exit your vehicle or speak to law enforcement. The registration will automatically complete when you enter the site.

Do I need to submit a vehicle photo? #

Yes. A photo of your truck is required by law enforcement. (Photo taken of the passenger side from a 45-degree angle.) In some situations, your fleet may manage this for you.

When do I need to start Drivewyze? #

Launch Drivewyze before every trip, and then just leave it running in the background. If the app isn’t running and ready at least 2-3 miles BEFORE you reach a Drivewyze supported site, you may not get a bypass or notification of an upcoming site.

If integrated with an ELD or AOBRD, Drivewyze will be launched automatically when logged into that device.

What does the Drivewyze phone application cost? #

Mobile users can download Drivewyze and try it for 30 days absolutely free! After the free trial expires the cost for Drivewyze services is $17.99 USD/month. Fleet pricing is available for larger fleets. Please contact support for more information.