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How It Works #

  • Your device receives information a safe distance before a risk zone
  • Your device beeps and a virtual road sign will appear on screen
  • After ten seconds the alert will fade, or you can tap it to dismiss

Types of Alerts #

There are several types of alerts that are available to all drivers for free. Each designed to give you more time to respond before potential hazards on the road. If your fleet subscribes to Drivewyze Safety+ additional insights are unlocked.

Alert Description Included With
Sudden Slowdown Alerts
Notify before locations that require sudden slowdowns. Drivewyze Free
Unexpected Slowdown Alerts

Notify before location that requires an unexpected slowdown. Drivewyze Free
Service Vehicles Alerts

Notify before location that has service vehicles on the route. Drivewyze Free
Active Work Zones Alerts

Notify before location that has an active work zone. Drivewyze Free
Public Service Alerts & Agency Virtual Sign

Notify public service alerts and agency virtual signs. Drivewyze Free
Public Service Advisories & Agency Virtual Sign

Notify public service advisories and agency virtual signs. Drivewyze Free
Steep Grade Alerts
Notify before steep grades. Drivewyze Free
Brake Check Alerts

Notify before brake check stations. Drivewyze Free
Runaway Ramp Alerts

Notify before runaway ramps. Drivewyze Free
Low Bridge Alerts
Notify before rail roads, overpasses, tunnels, or bridges with a clearance of 13’6” and lower. Drivewyze Free
Rollover Alerts
Notify before sharp exits or curvy roads with a history of rollovers. Drivewyze Free
Rest Area Alerts

Notify before open rest areas with available parking stalls. Drivewyze Free
Severe Weather Alerts
Notify within 50, 30 or 15 miles of a severe weather event. Safety+ Subscription
Cargo Theft Alerts
Notify before locations with a recent history of cargo theft. Safety+ Subscription
Speed Violation Alerts
Notify before high impact sites where violations are common. Safety+ Subscription

Drivewyze Alerts & Advisories are selected based on CMV traffic density and collision history. Not all hazardous driving areas will trigger notifications. Drivewyze is not a substitute for truck-safe navigation. Drivers are still responsible for following posted signage and using their judgement to drive safely.