Overview #

The Fleet Overview and Site Visits pages are designed to be monitored on a regular basis to keep track of the activity of your fleet. This article covers some common ways to utilize the tools.

Verify if a newly enabled vehicle is active #

It can be difficult to see if a vehicle you installed Drivewyze in is up and running. Use this procedure to verify the vehicle has Drivewyze running.

  1. Navigate to PreClear Bypass > Site Visits.
  2. Set the date range to include the time period you expected to see the vehicle active at any site. “This week” is a good starting point to ensure you are looking at the most recent visits.
  3. Remove all filters to ensure you are seeing activity at all sites.
  4. Search by Unit Number, VIN, or License Plate to find the exact vehicle. A visit appears if the vehicle is active.

Identify vehicles that are not following pull-in instructions #

Vehicles are required to pull-in when instructed and it’s important to identify which vehicles are not following instructions. There is always a chance that a site was not able to be pulled in to due to safety concerns or the station was closed. However, bypassing an open site when instructed to pull in invites an opportunity for law enforcement to cite a driver, which may affect safety scores. Use this procedure to see recent visits that are counted as Missed Pull-ins.

  1. Navigate to PreClear Bypass > Fleet Overview.
  2. Click on View Details in the Pull-in Instructions metric.
  3. Click more filters and add Bypassed to the Action Taken filter.
  4. Make note of the total Missed Pull-ins.

The list of visits presented are vehicles that did not follow the pull-in instruction. This on its own does not mean the driver always made an error, but if a trend appears there may be an opportunity for coaching. Check out the Pull-In Reasons Reference Guide for more detailed information.

Find vehicles that visit sites where they could receive bypasses #

Depending on how you manage your fleet, it can be difficult to keep track of vehicles that are not subscribed to a Drivewyze PreClear program. There are cases where a vehicle could be taking advantage of a program but it hasn’t been subscribed yet. Use the PreClear Subscription Status section to view activity at all sites by all vehicles running Drivewyze even when they are not subscribed.

  1. Navigate to PreClear Bypass > Fleet Overview, then find the PreClear Subscription Status section.
  2. The yellow bar displays vehicles that could be receiving bypasses. Click on the yellow bar to open the Site Visits page.
  3. Look through the list of vehicles that is filtered to show vehicles not subscribed when visiting Drivewyze sites.

View the trend of number of bypasses received week over week #

Bypass counts can rise and fall depending on many factors, but counts improve when problematic licensing or registration issues are solved, your fleet CSA score drops, or new sites come online. Use the Bypass Summary section to determine if the number of bypasses you receive per visit is at the level you expect.

  1. Navigate to PreClear Bypass > Fleet Overview.
  2. Adjust the date range to show at least 4 weeks of data. You can go up to a maximum of 1 year.
  3. Look through the Bypass Summary by using the arrows or click and drag the site.
  4. Make note of the changes of bypass, other, and pull-in instructions.

Find out which vehicles might be running overweight #

In many states and provinces it is a requirement to pre-screen a vehicle using a Weigh In Motion (WIM) scale. These are usually found 1-3 miles before a scale house. They are often only available in the right lane of the road and the vehicle approaching the station must drive over the scale prior to receiving a bypass. The vehicle will be instructed to pull in at the site if it:

  • Was read to be overweight on one or more axles.
  • The WIM was not able to record a weight due to road congestion, was offline, or the vehicle missed the scale.

This is one of the most common reason vehicles are pulled in. To identify which vehicles are running onto this issue the most and where:

  1. Navigate to PreClear Bypass > Fleet Overview.
  2. Set the date range to include the time period you intend to assess.
  3. Select Weight Check if it appears in the Pull-In Reasons dashboard report. (If it doesn’t you are not having this problem!)
  4. On the resulting Site Visits page, sort by vehicle or search for vehicle or site/state details to better understand where this is a common issue.