Overview #

The Site Visits details page enables fleet managers to learn more about individual visits that vehicles make as part of their Drivewyze PreClear service. Each visit gets listed in its own row and displays where, when, and who visited the site as well as the instruction the vehicle was given and the action the vehicle took. Find more specific visits by changing the date range, using advanced filters, and searching.

Site visits details table #

A site is a location where a Bypass could occur. This could be a fixed or mobile weigh station or inspection site.

Callout Heading Description
a Visit Date The date and time of the vehicle’s visit to a site in the local time of the site.
b Site Name The name of the site. For example: FL Yulee I-95 SB. A site name usually includes:

  • FL – the state abbreviation
  • Yulee – the common name used by law enforcement
  • I-95 – the highway or route number
  • SB – the direction of travel
c State The abbreviated state or territory where the site is located.
d Site Type The type of Drivewyze PreClear program supported at the site. These include:

  • US Bypass – Weigh station bypass supported site in the United States
  • ON Bypass – Weigh station bypass supported site in Ontario, Canada
  • Florida Agriculture – Florida Agriculture inspection site
  • AB Bypass – Weigh station bypass supported site in Alberta, Canada
e Drivewyze Site The site currently supports the Drivewyze PreClear program.
f Open The agency responsible for enforcement reports the site as Open to Drivewyze and bypass services are available.
g Unit Number The name of the vehicle as defined by the fleet. Also sometimes known as Unit Name or Truck Number.
h VIN Vehicle Identification Number – The unique code assigned to every motor vehicle when manufactured.
i License Plate An identifier provided on registration sometimes called registration plate or number plate.
j Eligible for Bypass The vehicle is subscribed to the supported Drivewyze PreClear program site type at the time of the visit.
k Instruction The instruction that was presented to the driver on the in-cab device during the site visit event. Definitions:

  • Bypass – The vehicle was given a legal bypass at an open site or the site was marked closed by the agency.
  • Pullin Unless Closed – The vehicle was asked to pull in by the agency if the site was open.
  • Follow Road Signs – Drivewyze was not able to provide Bypass at this site. This instruction is most often used at non-Drivewyze sites and e-Sign sites where Drivewyze can not instruct the sign.
  • Follow Transponder – Drivewyze is deferring an instruction to the transponder if the fleet indicated they prefer this. This will only affect visits to sites that share Drivewyze and another service.
  • ‘-‘  An instruction was not provided to the device. There could have been a communication failure between the device and the site.
l Action The action the vehicle did at the time of the visit. Definitions:

  • Pulled In – the vehicle pulled into the station to report for weight or inspection.
  • Bypassed – the vehicle remained on the main line and bypassed the site.
  • ‘-‘ – An action was not captured. There could have been a communication error between the vehicle and the site.

Filters #

When you open the Site Visits page it defaults to the previous 30 days of visits and automatic filters are applied to show only visits to open Drivewyze sites where the vehicle was able to receive a bypass. Filters can be added or changed and appear above the list of filter options. Filters can be removed by clicking the X next to the tag.

Search sites and vehicles #

Enter a value into the search to filter the results to include only visits containing the terms searched within the vehicle and site details. The fields searched include:

  • Site Name
  • Unit Number
  • VIN
  • License plate

Date range #

A range of dates can be selected to show all visits between those dates. A maximum of 1 year of data is available. Date quick pick range definitions:

  • Yesterday: only show data from the previous day
  • This week: beginning on Sunday at 12am local visit time and including today up to the most recent recorded visit. Note: visit data may be up to 6 hours delayed
  • Last week: the previous week from Sunday at 12am to Sunday at 12am local visit time
  • Last 7 days: the previous 7 days starting from yesterday
  • Last 30 days: the previous 30 days from yesterday
  • Last 90 days: the previous 90 days from yesterday

Advanced filters #

Callout Filter Description
a State Filter by one or more state or provinces where the site is located.
b Site Type The site was of one of the supported PreClear types at the time of the visit including: 

  • US Bypass – PreClear sites in the US where bypass opportunities exist.
  • Ontario Bypass PreClear sites in Ontario Canada where bypass opportunities exist.
  • Alberta Bypass PreClear sites in Alberta Canada where bypass opportunities exist.
  • Florida Agriculture – PreClear sites in Florida where conditional bypass opportunities are available .
c Drivewyze Site Supported Drivewyze site at the time of the visit.
d Site Status The site was Open or Closed at the time of the visit. 
e Eligible for Bypass The vehicle was subscribed to the program supported by the site visited.
f Instruction The command shown on the device to the driver in the cab of the vehicle. One of: 

  • Bypass includes Bypass and Bypass Except Agriculture, Aquiculture and Refrigerated units. Bypass instructions will appear at closed sites and open sites where the visit was eligible for bypass and the agency granted a bypass to the vehicle.
  • Pull-in – Pull in Unless Closed instructions appear at sites that are open and a bypass was not granted.
  • Other:
    • Follow Road Signs – the site was not a Drivewyze site or, the site is supported by electronic road signs where Drivewyze was not able to present the bypass on the sign due to a communication failure.
    • Follow Transponder – the site is supported by a transponder program and the vehicle is configured to indicate it contains a supported transponder in the cab. Drivewyze will defer to the transponder in these cases to avoid message conflicts. 
    • ‘-‘ – no instruction was given. This rarely occurs and usually is due to a communication failure.
g Action Taken The action taken by the vehicle at the time of the visit. One of: 

  • Bypassed – the vehicle bypassed the site and continued on the main line. 
  • Pulled in – the vehicle pulled into the site. 
  • Other – only when no action was recorded. 

Summary totals #

The dynamic summary totals all the visits that meet the filter criteria, creating summaries.

Callout Summary Description
a Vehicle The distinct number of vehicles listed.
b Site Visits The grand total of visits listed.
c Bypass Instructions The number of bypass instructions presented in the visits.
d Pull-In Instructions The number of pull-in instructions presented in the visits
e Missed Bypasses The number of visits where the instruction was to Bypass but the action was that the vehicle pulled-in.
f Missed Pull-Ins The number of visits where the instruction was to pull-in but the the vehicle bypassed the site.